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Getting Manis with Mindy

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

Mindy Kaling

Many of us know her as a fun quirky character from The Office, Movies like No Strings Attached (my fav) and best selling author Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) Professionally known as Mindy Kaling, this savvy young lady is a true embodient of a radiant soul in her recent Vogue article promoted positive body image and confidence

This Darling Diva Vera, stopped by to celebrate her 3rd Season premiere of The Mindy Project and collaboration with Bliss 49  in NYC for the launch of The Mindy C ure. After queuing in the cold weather for almost an hour fans were treated to gifts from bliss while being pampered and got the chance to meet the inspiring Mindy herself.

The MIndy Cure included a hot cream hand soak, cuticle treatment, pushing and polishing (essential for this unpredictable NYC weather).

On entering the photo booth the first thing she uttered to me was a compliment---this made the entire evening most memorable to me. As she graciously felt my hands shocked at how cold they were "OMG you are freezing but you are absolutely beautiful" she immediately exclaimed and the compliments kept pouring in. Oh and those fierce Louboutins, You bettter WERK! 

She seems like every girls bestie that would whop your butt back into reality yet still make that midnight CVS run for you! Love!

Uh, didnt you know we were Besties?!

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