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Gwyneth Paltrow Made Me Do It!
Oil Pulling

Tjs virgin coconut oil $5.99

So there has been a recent buzz about a new beauty technique called oil-pulling. Online searches have skyrocketed recently about this ancient Ayurvedic remedy. As seen on E! News this treatment is sworn by celebrities such a Gwyneth Paltrow

So can swishing vegetable oil in your mouth for 20 min. really "pull out toxins"  and improve oral health, and whiten teeth?! There are also many claims it helps with other health issues such as acne, migraine relief, weight loss and even reduce hangovers.
The preferred oil of choice is Sesame and Coconut oil (less common sunflower oil). These contain essential fatty acids that are an ideal solvent for the bodies toxins. So to add to my recent blog post on beauty oils, i decided to try it! 

Step 1: Get  my organic TJ coconut oil

Step 2: Lets get that tablespoon of oil in my pie hole
Step 3: swoosh for 20 mins
Still swooshing
Finally 20 minutes

I will start by saying it wasn't as bad as I thought, when I got the spoonful in my mouth I started salivating which made it easier to gargle. There was no awful taste and it definitely didn't burn like Listerine would.  It's  also recommend to get some tongue scraping in there (great for preventing bad breath/morning breath). Since I did do this at 5am I naturally did that part and it felt like something was really happening in there at that point. I am becoming a  believer! 

My mouth in fact did feel really clean and lasted for several hours, unlike traditional mouthwash. My teeth were shiny, my gums felt pampered and my lips were super soft. I give oil pulling a 7.99/10. Although is it tough and time consuming, I am impressed!

Tshirt :PETA
PJ's: Daddy's closet

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