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Urban Decay: Electric

While I am really having a second chance at all things beauty (the first came in middle school, 7th grade: enter lip liner and eye rimming) I am really beginning to embrace my inner beauty known as FEMINITIY!  All women should be able to play in make-up at some point in their lives, but MASTER it at another. I think I'm beginning to master this lil thang called: BEAUTY

While soaking in all the new energies the manifestations 2014 is bringing forth, my radar for color and make-up has been at it's peek and I'm beginning to finally color OUTSIDE the lines for a change. I am really ready for spring, and you should be too, Check out the bright and bold new pressed pigment palette from Urban Decay, which was released just a few days ago, Electric ($49.00 0.04 oz. March 2014)
The line-up features 10 bright shades of 2 previously seen shades, Revolt and Chaos while the other 8 are all new to the palette. Smooth textures of lasting high pigmented shadows with mattes, mettallics, golds & silvers, turquiose, pearls keep the UD signature alive; and a dual applicator brush is also featured for those quick touch up and defining moments. 

The Electric Line also features a new weightless make-up adhesive called "Bondage"...clever, right!  And the best part [for me] are the 4 New polish colors and the new eye-liner conglomerate!  I just feel like a POP-STAR when I look at these hues since I just love all things nails, polish and art seriously...

The line of pencils features "Black Velvet"  the namesake for a new solid pencil/pen liner, A marker liner, a very defined angle brush and a twist-up solid pencil/gel liner. I mean HELLO! 

NAKED: Flushed
UD also released it's new Naked products as well featuring new Beauty Balms, Blush, Finishing Powders and 9 new Lip Gloss nudes "laced with  benefits"


Okay, I just reeeeaally need to find an Urban Decay sponsored beauty event to attend, now.

Check out Urban Decay for your products today and tap in to your girly girl grab the Color wheel and begin to have some fun this spring!


What are your thoughts on this new eye shadow palette? Are BRIGHTS in your closet this spring? Comment, Like Share!

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