COMMUNITY: I'm Possible Event

5:38 PM

I'mPossible Presented by MIZANI

Inaugural Event and Conversation in NYC

"SHOW UP. I'm me. I'm young, I'm Black, my hair is like this and I look like this!"-- Estelle

Photo Credits: Mizani/Demis Maryannakis

This past Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending the I'mPossible Conversation presented Simone Bresi-Ando x MIZANI

“My goal is to make people fall in love with women of color,” said creator Simone Bresi-Ando, one of the many affirmations mentioned during the evening. Her idea for the series was aimed at empowering women of color through captivating conversations of share-outs and the event was nothing short of amazing. Sponsored by the beauty brand MIZANI and featuring a diverse panel of professional brown women in music, style, business, the arts and community the I'mPossible panel was moderated by Writer and Broadcaster Lola Adesioye  and the panel included Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Estelle; Beauty Expert and Beauty Biz Camp founder Corynne CorbettRevolt TV Music and Talent SVP Whitney-Gayle Benta (formely of MTV); Squire Media Management founder, Gilda Squire (Misty Copeland’s manager); and Angela Jackson founder Global Language Project founder

I'mPossible was originally conceived in Simone's hometown of London in 2011 and has transformed into the quarterly I'mPossible conversation series, I'm honored to say that I was invited to attend its New York debut on March 6th, at the  L’Oréal Soho Academy in celebration of International Women’s Day [It's March Folks...Women's History Month!]

Gorgeous beauties of color in various industries came together in L’Oréal studios for an hour and a half of panelist share-outs and stories of triumph and becoming POSSIBLE in their respected fields. I had the pleasure of meeting new people and running into familiar faces like Renae Bluitt of In Her Shoes Blog, designer and friends Sammy B. x writer Sade GrahamQuestions asked by Lola Adesioye and guests prompted inspirational and honest responses from all of the women, especially Corryne and Estelle. I identified so much with these two women and their stories that I felt so empowered. It was very refreshing to know that while currently experiencing levels of confusing in my own life that my dreams and decisions are not only valid, but I am totally on the right path of building my own brand and becoming possible!

                       It was also a great reminder knowing that even with a corporate world, coming under one denomination soon there is still a growing support system available for women and young girls of color--who happen to  still remain in a box within many industries. Because  as Corryne Corbett stated "It's just personal when you do something for your community"

There were so many take-aways from Thursdays event that It'll be so many too list---I took that many notes, and can't make sense of most...hey, I'm still a work in progress!--- but I will leave you with the awesome closing remarks of each guest when asked to leave us with a piece of advice also known as her “guiding philosophy” :
“Detours don’t mean failure. Detours me success on another path.” – Gilda Squire
“Pay attention [to the signs from God].” – Estelle
“This above all to thine self be true.” – Whitney-Gayle Benta
“Try to show up, and go big.” – Angela Jackson

“It ain’t free. Do the work!” – Corynne Corbett

Estelle along and Corynne Corbett

PR Maven, Ms. Ranae Bluitt of In Her Shoes Blog
I'm not sure why I look so uncomfortable in this pic---I totally wasn't! lol

Outfit details coming soon!

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