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with Model Citizen by StyList App

Last weekend, my dear colleauge, fellow blogger and new friend whom I love to bits and pieces! invited me to tag along to a fab event---one, that I had no clue what to expect. 
Upon arrival, I immediately knew this was an exclusive event, handing off my coat in exchange for a champagne cocktail kinda gave it away.

The vintage inspired, McCann Advertising and office space was transformed into a private shopping and networking platform for selective peer to peer shopping. We enjoyed light bites, cocktails, manicures and even had mini fashion show as we styled and shared pieces. 

Model Citizen by Stylist App allows ladies, like you and me to shop through each other's closets by renting or selling pieces. Women can sift through closets that are of similar height, size, body types and personal style-- think of a well structured and virtual swap-party! --- You can rent by day or for 3 night/4 days and with partnerships with NYC dry cleaners offering discounts for Model Citizen members, items arrive dry cleaned and returned dry cleaned!  It gets no better than that, huh ladies?!

StyList App is  currently in the start up stage, however with a small but mighty team of stylish media mavens: Danielle James, Founder and Creative Director and Lauren Damarest, head of Marketing and Advertising; I have a feeling Model Citizen by StyList App will morph into the NEW and easiest way of style sharing amongst busy and professional ladies.

We had a great time meeting the ladies and other guest that attended, Chante had great pieces to share that I actually wanted to take home with me and Danielle made sure to get us involved by giving us the opportunity to offer a Style Tip for their style community. check it out below! 


Take a look at how one would proceed with sharing their pieces via Model Citizen By StyList App:

STEP 1: Take a well styled photo of the look/piece you would like rented or sold
STEP 2: Add look details and rental price per day...
"Rose Pink and crocheted vintage sweater.  Can be worked with boyfriend jeans or any color skirt My favorite paring is with a floral skirt!"

STEP 3: Connect with a potential Client and get paid!
"Floral high-waisted, vintage skirt. Can be worked with silver pumps, stripped crop-top or a solid color crop top. Accessorize with a chunky necklace!"
Rental Price Per day: $5
Sale Price: $28

Yep, it's THAT easy! Be sure to check out the website at www.stylistapp.com for a chance to rent this style!  Also take a look at their crowd funding video  and be a part of the Stylist App community!

Vintage Personal Looks by:
 Kinna & Chante

ON KINNA: Coat: Vintage Camel Overcoat, Skirt: high-wasit skirt by Milagros Clothing Design, Top: Big Sean Finally Famous tee [barley seen] by Adidas, Shoes: ruffled peep toe shoes by Charlotte Russe, detailed sunnies.
ON CHANTE: Skirt: Aqua blue sequined pencil skirt by Missguided.com, Coat: cropped leather Jacket, Shoes: Metallic Pumps,  Top: Vintage Coca-Cola Tee [not pictured], detailed sunnies.

Here's my StyList App Casual Style Tip:

hmm, I think I like the VLOGger version of Kinna LeBlanc, what do you think? 

What are your thoughts on Model Citizen by Stylist App? Would you participate in a Virtual Style Share? Is this way easier than Shopping new trends?

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