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Women's History Month Continues

NYU's Organization of Black Women
Women on the Move Panel Discussion

Last Night NYU's Organization of Black Women Group presented the Eigth Annual "Women On The Move" panel Hosted within NYU's Eisner and Lubin Auditorium. The panelist of professional business female artists, designers, entrepreneurs and executive VP's gathered together to discuss the importance of building sisterhoods, living in the present and moving diligently towards your goals. 

The Panel was moderated by HOT 97 own Dee Vasquez  and featured "Angela I Am" designer and fashion maven, Angela Simmons, TV Personality/Resturaunteaur Tahiry Jose, Celebrity Stylist, Cloe Wade, Radio Personality/Writer Miss Info. and Vice President of De Jam record, Sakeena Rockmund (who sat in for Chaka Pilgrim)

Attendees were made up of young, black, trendy college bound females of color and each panelist shared their story of triumph leaving the room exceptional quotables  geared to give students valuable inside knowledge and information regarding career choices. Since I've made it a regular part of my adult life to attend influential panel discussions, I simple enjoy sitting in the room soaking up positive energy and listening to like-minded ideas. 
 I happen to identify closely with flower child and faithful creative, Cloe Wade, who's points spoke directly to my heart-- I envisioned I would appear just like her if I were on a panel: in my own world, no giving AF! 
When asked how you spend time learning your craft and what you do to keep it going Cloe exclaimed "As a Creative you Live it!" .Amen. I walked away fully inspired to continue shining my light and further create a positive enclaves for women under my own brand.
 It was also very nice to see such a youthful panel of entrepreneurs who's created their own path of success on their terms (including Angela Simmons) We can look at another person's life and assume they do not put in the same amount of work as we do. We are often wrong.
After Panel: Fresh Face Angela

Sweeties: Meeting Angela Simmons and Tahiry Jose

Stylish Gent: Ran in to Chris Findley of simplydapper.com

LOOK By LeBlanc
Mint, Emerald, Jade x Hunter

SHOES: Grey Suede Pumps by Zara, PANTS: Mint green skinny pants, BLOUSE: Shear Emerald Green button up, 
BELT: Vintage Hunter green cloth belt, BAG: Vintage Sharif Bag

" Always remember that in life you will always get further by making faith-based decisions rather than fear-based decisions"-- Cloe Wade

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