Thank You!

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THANK YOU Shea Moisture!

And your Ambassadors

Shea Moisture doesn't only provide smooth body butter and gluten-free hair products  they also "spread a brighter healthier future" to your overall lifestyle!

While attending the Lulu's Style Studio during NY Fashion Week, I won the awesome raffle prize of a Yoga Mat from Shea Moisture! --NO this NYC girl, didn't already own a yoga mat. In fact I JUST made the lifestyle choice to start further balancing my days with the new past time guessed it...YOGA!

The only problem was I got the text notification, that I won, after I walked out of the event to cover a fashion show, across town. Great! The following day, I read the message and could not just let my Yoga mat roll away to the next event, so I decided to text the number asking if there was a way I could still retrieve my prize. UREKA! I got a YES!

I had no idea who I was communicating with, as each message was delicately signed "NN", and days later here was a UPS "We missed you" sticker on my door, times 3! gee, thanks UPS, was my irritated thought but it quickly changed to an awww, how nice of them at Shea Moisture...
After UPS selfishly sent my package back to sender, I contacted "NN" again to inform them of the return [to Long Island] only this time it was via phone-call. Turns out "NN" was an easy going, bubbly, BROOKLYN girl too! But this time she offered to bring my package into the city and drop it off to me personally! So sweet!

"NN" made great on her promise and I received my package, this week. Here's a HUGE THANK YOU to Shea Moisture and their brand ambassador Ms. Nicole!  

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