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Sterling Saint Jacques

Tyson's blazed trail....

"Sterling Saint Jacques was born in Brazil and was brought to America as a young boy who grew up to be stuningly handsome. Despite the photo above, where his eyes appear  blue, due to contacts, in real life, his eyes were grey.  He also had a beautiful physique and stood 6'2". He was a flawless physical specimen. 

Sterling grew up around Hollywood's black gay set in the 70's and was gay like his dad, Actor Raymond Saint Jacques. Sterling was allegedly pursued by rich sugar daddies in New York before and after he became a top model. Rumors have it that he became a "kept man" to some of these sugar daddies and was lavished with gifts and money and kept on an allowance." -- Pinache Report

Sterling later married the legendary Patricia [Pat] Cleveland, another black supermodel of the time. Pat was the muse of [one of my favorite] Designer, Halston and both Pat and Sterling were seen everywhere together and known to each be incredible socialites, models, sometimes actors and praised dance partners in crime, at the Legendary Studio 54.

I would love to read this book or see this fashion film, wouldn't you?!

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