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Chic Studios Presents: Sam Fine

Its the IMAT weekend in NYC and most of us make up junkies are excited about the products and presentations ahead. For a perfect start to this weekend Chic StudiosBooth # 917 NYC hosted an intimate chat with keynote speaker Sam Fine, celebrity make-up Artist.

Before modern day make up gurus and self made YouTube brands there were the pioneers  like Sam, who really defined and refined the makeup artistry as we know it. Starting from very humble beginnings and making the big move from Chicago to NYC-- pursuing an  illustration career and  working at a commercial beauty counter---Sam realized his talents, he took the bull by its horns and began forming meaningful connections while working with famed makeup artist Fran Cooper
He started during a time where only a faint voice represented/understood models and entertainers of color in the industry "No one at the make up counters looked like you".
 His ability to forecast the "no make up natural radiant skin" up look,  is highly coveted today and is what made him instrumental in this beauty era.

MOI: Second row, front and center, sandwiched between 2 blondes!

Fine has worked with the likes of Naomi Campbell, Patti Labelle, Iman and is more recently known for being Covergirl's beauty Ambassador and head makeup artist for the Queen Latifah show.
Having met him many years ago, in Trinidad, I can safely say he was  single handedly responsible  for my paradigm shift of being a beauty (model) to become an artist. He exemplifies the "fine" arts of beauty: timeless, effortless and classic:  "Success is defined by you" and I wanted to create and inspire just as he did.

My question to Sam: "How did you recognize the importance of  'the Great Skin Makeup'  in your niche of colored women?"
Sam's reply: "Coming from a place of abuse ( lack of understanding/presence in the industry). I find more purpose in make up with women of color..." WELL HELLO!

He left us with this advise " You attract who you are. You have the point of view as an artist.I have a greater vision for myself than  people have for me"  So don't be discouraged "What do you do with your time off? find other things to do!"

So for my fellow beauty bombs wanting to pursue make up artistry  full time career, scared of freelancing?.. There is no security in any job no matter what. If this is your dream go for it. Only you can untap your full potential.  Hope you enjoyed IMATs. And be sure to check out the Chic Studios Booth.

 Without  visionaries like the fine Sam, I dont think the makeup artistry would have evolved in the way that it has today! 
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