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Happy Easter 2014

A Stylish Egg Hunt NYC x DIY Designer Eggs

As a former Catholic, Easter means something very different for me. It DOES still represent transition, renewal and rebirth however, and I prefer to transition into another year of growth by continuing to spread my artistic wings into the universe. I recently became inspired by NYC's Faberge Egg Hunt [#BigEggHuntNY] the Arts initiative and fundraiser currently going on around the city, during the month of April!

There are huge graphic eggs that have been placed in different areas throughout all 5 boroughs of New York and the proceeds from sale of a huge egg will go towards Arts Education in NYC Schools via Studio in a School as well as Elephant Family working across Asia protecting the largest land mammal--that's most coveted to just about every humans (with morals)--ELEPHANTS! To know me personally is to know that both of my worlds just collided in such a great way!
My Favorite Egg at Albee Sq. The Brooklyn Bridge!

Designing, decorating, hunting and collecting Easter Eggs will always be a fun activity for all friends and families, I actually haven't done anything remotely close to egg decorating since a Graphic Design student, so The Big Egg hunt has inspired me to get CREATIVE and STYLE some egg. 

Every Wednesday [I would like] to debut a new D.I.Y project and this week we'll jump start "Hump Day D.I.Y." by unveiling a new Style Egg inspired by some of my favorite timeless and classic fashion houses!

TOOLKIT: Hot Glue gun, vintage Buttons, acrylic paints, sharpie markers, paint-brushes, painters tape
Step 1: Paint your egg using Acrylic Paint, this cuts drying time in half and gives you a better canvas for mistakes (Acrylic paint has a matte finish allowing you to erase or wipe away mistakes quickly)

Step 2: Grab a pencil and sketch your designs and images

Step 3: Trace and Outline your sketch making lines more defined.

Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace!

Check back, tomorrow, to see which label inspired Style Egg #2!

To learn more about this initiative or how you can help, visit:

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