The New Faberge- Egg #4

10:00 AM

Happy Easter 2014

A Stylish Egg Hunt

Designing, decorating, hunting and collecting Easter Eggs will always be a fun activity for all friends and families and The Big Egg hunt initiative in NYC has currently inspired me to get CREATIVE and STYLE some egg. Each day, leading up to Easter Sunday, Closet Jane will unveil a new Style Egg inspired by some of my favorite fashion houses. 

For our Style Egg number 4, I pulled more inspiration from my Vintage showroom. Inspired by the 1950's movement of Elegant Style, chiffon dresses and cocktail hats, here is Ms. Balenciaga in all her classic glory; by far, my Favorite Faberge of the bunch!


Step 1: Paint your egg using Acrylic Paint, this cuts drying time in half and gives you a better canvas for mistakes (Acrylic paint has a matte finish allowing you to erase or wipe away mistakes quickly)

Step 2: Pencil in your logo, be sure to grab some painters tape to section off your area for straight lines.

Step 3: Grab your sharpie marker and outline!

Create a cocktail hat for your Classy Faberge and Fin!

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