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Taking a Break: Havana Braids 

Although the Natzis are currently forming major hair armies  some of us have always been taking care of our natural tresses. "How long have been natural ?" All my life sorry. For the past 6 yrs I have been on a hair renaissance doing a new dramatic look every summer, being a seasonal hair model didnt  made it easier with the constant coloring cutting keratin treating and heat styling.

my past 5 annual hair changes

I also have very light and fine hair (thanks to the multicultural ancestorial gods), however maintenance is always a challenge no matter what the hair type is and having the best of both worlds--- soft curly hair and Asian straight blowout--- there is still a constant struggle to use products and style in ways that are beneficial for both hair styles/types.

the latest one yet.....

My major setbacks are a love for colour and heat! after the dreadful winter of dry beastly weather I needed a hair-cation--because colder climates are where I maximize on my straight hair, blowouts and heat styling, actually.

Moi in Senegalese Twist, last year
During the spring and before the heat of summer, I decided to go on a protective style break. Afiya Hopson of Hair ?Braid it! originally located in Trinidad and Tobago, (my hometown) hooked me up on her Pop-up shop tour to the US. Afiya, starting in her early teens, is now a young upcoming entrepeneur who has dedicated her talent to perfect while educating others on braid styles of all types. 
Afiya in Marley Twists
She has even come up with her own unique style of braiding like the "Titanic" twists. experimenting with different hair types textures and colours. I opted for some Havana twists using Marley braids, more specifically because they are lightweight and can be done in minimal time (1-2.5 hrs max). Now, I only recommend doing this for 6weeks maximum to prevent breaking, mildew and damage to your hair. 
UPenn Ladies got their hair done on the Hair?Braid it! tour
Maintaining these braids are quit easy as they are relatively large in size with less stress and strain on your actual hair. I have my personal blend of hair oils for my roots and scalp while I use a light-weight finishing sheen spray on the rest if the hair. 
Moi... very happy with my Havana braids

Because your hair is tucked away does not mean you should ignore it; it still needs to be nourished and pampered on vacation. By week three, or sooner if you're very active, there's a great possibly that there will be some product buildup. I prefer to use a dry shampoo although washing can be done ensuring it is completely dried.

I hope you enjoyed reading and be sure to catch up with Afiya for worshops and tour dates. next stop Barbados. Crop over, maybe we'll see Rihanna in some Marley Titanic Twist! Remember you heard it here first ;)

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