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Taking a Break: Partial Install 

Most people can look at my head and think that I've got it made, you know the aged old black woman's luxury of "having good hair"...something we can dissect and host our own opinions on going back as far as slavery in America. Regardless of what your definition of "good hair" can be and no matter the demographic of that circular conversation being had at the time, the underlying historical tone remains the same: "good hair" simply equals, manageable hair and/or groomed or well styled hair...well, at least for me!

In my world, I can care less if your hair is a product of an interracial love or a historical saga starring the recurring  characters of "Massa"and "Field Nigger". Nope, who cares if you've got "pretty" and "soft" hair or that you have to list your entire background of mixed family members to appear less "African", because "Good hair" in fact equals HEALTHY Hair where a lot of us can honestly and ignorantly mistake the two. 
My hebrew curl!
My hair happens to be a product of the historical saga a lot of  us black people face worldwide and over the years I've had the luxury of having "manageable" curly hair. However, transitioning from having a perm for most of my life, to learning my curl pattern all over again resulted in months and months of BAD HAIR!

I realized that I actually have extremely fine hair that can be blown away quicker than a pile of feathers, as well as prone to extreme frizz, intense shrinkage and dryness upon exiting the shower! Not to mention I have hereditary patterned baldness occurring smack dab at the crown! smh, yeah, not cute and NOT my idea of "Good Hair" at all!

2011: Curly Fro Wash N' Go Ft. Shrinkage

After becoming a complete "naturalista" for the past 4 years (I say "complete" because I would get a relaxer only twice a year. I guess I was already semi-natural) I've experimented with weaves and extensions twice, I both liked and loved it as it was still a learning process. I noticed how I treated my own hair on a daily basis and how much strain the harsh world was actually putting on my [fine, frizzy, dry, pretty, curly] hair. Just Harsh. And guess what, Aint nobody got time for that! 
2012: The 1st Install

After experiencing intense growth within 1 year (my hair jumped from 12" to 15.5") I later decided to continue "putting my hair away" or as they say in the Natural Hair Community getting a protective style whenever I can. I learned that every now and then it's extremely important to take a "Hair-cation" when you can. During the deciding process, the phone rings and my dear friend, natural hair specialist and Celebrity hair stylist called for a request: to be her hair model! 
Abiola with Julissa Bermudez and Adrienne Bailon

Abiola S. has had the opportunity of styling at the famed Hair Rules Salon, comb the tresses of  Pauletta Washington, Kim Kardashian, Michaela Davis and many more. Specializing in all hair textures, she's now kicking off her own brand, Aby Sho Hair and asked for me to not only be her hair model but the face of her brand! Ummm...Hellz yeah!

Our collaboration started 2 weeks ago and Aby completed a partial installment for me, but not before I applied a deep condition, dyed my hair [back to] black, and clipped my disgusting ends. We're currently working out the details of the coming shoot but take a look at the process, our amateur shoot and my before and after. 
AFTER THE JUMP: Left photo: 15" of growth and serious unevenness, as you can see
right photo: partial install

Moi: Just loving my new bouncy tresses!

Stay tuned for footage from our upcoming shoot and be sure to check out Aby's work here and here book your appointment today!

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