BEAUTY: Wake Up, Make Up

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Getting That Beauty Rest

Some of us are finally wrapping up finals at Universities, recovering from a breakup, long hours at the office or just not getting any rest! (That's just myself and Ms. LeBlanc alone) Only in the movies do you really see folks that are happy about sleepless nights.
30% of American adults suffer from some form of sleep disruption, at some point in the year (in the caribbean less than 20% suffer; we seem to be pretty irie down in the warm weather!) and some either can't get to sleep, stay asleep or obligated to wake up at ungodly and ridiculously hours.
Here are a few tips to help you rise and grind:
1. Drip drip coffee 
It has the highest concentration of caffeine
2. Get some sunlight 
Daylight sets your internal clock and helps you awaken
3. Protein Power 
Eat something high in protein, like an egg-white omelette, tofu scramble within 30 mins of waking. This will help you get up and out.
4. Vitamins
Vitamin B and folic acid will boost energy and help rebound from bad sleep nights. Vitamin D also increases alertness.
5. Exercise
Do some cardio: spin class, a trod on the stead-mill or even dance!
People who exercise 150 mins a week sleep better at night and more energetic during the day
6.Think Positively
One sleepless night is just one. You have another 364 nights to try it again dont worry.

If you can't make it, Fake it!
Wake up Make up. 
It is definitely easier to fake a good nights sleep than to have one.

De-puff under eye circles 
Place a cold damp tea bag over your eyes for 5-10 mins. Laying down on your back.
try not to dose off. The caffeine constricts blood vessels and the pressure helps tamp down bloat. Also try Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff eye roller as your daily care morning and night

Consider Concealer
Yellow tones concealer hides under eye circles, dab a little where the skin looks darkest or be a master mixer and use Colour correctors
  • Green cancels out red
  • Pink cancels out purple on fair skin
  • Yellow cancels out purple/blue on olive tan skin

The ColoreScience Mineral Corrector Palette offers the best of all worlds: "You can use these to brighten under eyes, to correct redness on lids, or to blend shades together to perfectly hide discoloration. It's powder, so it mixes with the warmth of your skin, leaving you with smooth, sheer coverage."
Give it Your Best Shot
Just spend a few extra minutes in the mirror, do a light smokey eye wear a little blush, pump up you lipstick and then oh la la.. perfection

Go Ahead and get your beauty rest.

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