Mani Mondays: Cuticle Tattoos

10:00 AM

Forget about the over the top nail art, textured nails, geometric patterns, bedazzling and super glamourous 3D designs  because a new trend is taking over: Cuticle tattoos.  Yessssssss

These innovators cant take all the credit as mehndi and henna applications have been around from antiquity, the natural flowering plant dye has been used to create delicate intricate designs and adornment of women for social and holiday celebrations all over the  world.

Eastern beauty trend-setters like Ascia from The Hybrids...(my fav style diary btw) easily rocked dipped digits and over West end we all remember Lorde's grungy Grammy manicure reminiscent of ink tribal staining .

Moving up the attention from the nail bed, cuticle tattoos have been decorating digits with transferable adhesives fashioning the perfect manicure. They give an interesting nail silhouette while perfectly veiling the often dry unattractive skin above the nail bed.  

Not only limited to your cuticle, the tattoos create accent nail art, as well as give a pop of colour and dimension to your manicure.
Modern henna mehndi design
Shop Rad started these tiny tattoos and soon after Ciate took on the trend with their own line. 
Options vary in cute and interesting designs with abstract shapes, bows, diamonds and words.

Put your modern western twist on this traditional eastern trend and share your cuticle art on Facebook page!

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