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Fashion Fights Cancer

IFB Presents: DIY Turban Night

On Wednesday night, Bloggers Stylist, models, Cancer survivors and supporters gathered together to craft for a great cause. 
Members of IFB & Fashion Fights Cancer mingled and crafted turbans putting their own unique twist of the timeless head dress. Hosted by International Fashion Bloggers, Pier 59 Studios and sponsored by Turban + Ties, Stella Artois and Michelle sparkling wine; guests had the option of donating their finished turbans for auction on

Fashion Fights Cancer galvanizes the support of New York City and the international fashion community to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and therapeutic programs. FFC’s mission is to nurture the minds, bodies and souls of cancer patients and survivors through fashion and design-oriented activities.
This was a special cause for many attendees as some of the ladies were cancer survivors or have experienced Cancer through a close friend or family member (like myself). Not to mention when your crafting like an old bitty something warm and fuzzy just comes out! It was great meeting and getting to know other Stylist, and lifestyle Bloggers.

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Ms. Akinyi R. of

Girls at Work!

Ms. Brittany W. of


"My Phillip Bloch" aka Edward, the Stylist

The Freak aka Chante N. of

With the Beautiful Sanah R. of

LOOK By LeBlanc

Shoes: Basket Weaving by #H&M 
Skirt: #Vintage Midi skirt from #LTrain Vintage NYC
Belt: #Vintage 
Blouse: Silk Blouse by Zara 
Bag: Vintage Navy Clutch/Side bag
Turban: #Lafayette148

How I created my Solange Inspired Turban
As a creative and style enthusiast I have a lot of frilly things just laying around my apartment...I mean, I literally have an entire craft corner. Using some left-over Lafayette 148 fabri---that came all the way from West Africa---here is a quick and easy step-by-step on how I created my Solange-Inspired Turban. If you have some extra fabric laying around, TRY IT!
Step 1. Place hair in 2 loose pigtail pony's
Step 2. Fold your scarf/textile/wrap into a triangle
Step 3: Turn your scarf/textile/wrap upside down and [from behind] bring it towards the middle of your forehead
Step 4: Tie your scarf/textile/wrap into a loose knot
Step 5: Tuck your knot and any excess pieces underneath your scarf.


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