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Sandals and Polish combos

Its officially summer or my July-August Vacation as we know it in the Caribbean. The summer is hot, the weather is nice and breeze like a tropical paradise; I love this season because I get real colour play with my accessories and this season the colours are quite vibrant and exhilarating. As a beauty babe myself everything from head to toe must be coordinated and notice I didn't say the word "match" ;)

Many, like myself, will be taking trips travelling to even warmer climates like the Caribbean--the home of Resort Wear. It's officially sandals season, and Jamaica is the home to one of the dynamic unique hand-made luxury footwear Bridget Sandals by self-taught designer Bridget Brown  

"Designer Bridget Brown feels that our feet are an expression of the soul and her inspired creativity...her sandals are ornaments for the feet which can serve as a conversation piece."

Here are some of my feet favorite lacquers for summer with complimentary pedi colours to complete any look

1. Pair with Pale Gold 

Coral is the new pink and its perfect for summer, the name of Chanel's red orange tone is alone makes you wanna go put your toes in the sand "Chanel Maribella". While some Corals are really bright and can almost be neon and others are more on the peachy-warm side. Try NARS: "Libretango"

 "Feather" By Bridget Sandals

2. Pair with Brown
Blue Green-Turquiose Aqua

When on a beautiful island these modern day emerald and  blue green mermaid tones will pop up everywhere even on your fingers and toes. Try Elf : "Sea Escape" and "She Drives Me Crazy" by Deborah Lippmann

"Cutaway and Kay" By Bridget Sandals

3. Pair with Brights 
A subtle palette choice yet bright and bold, these berry colors are so yummy. Along with Deborah Lippmann's "Flash Dance" also try Essie: "Recessionista", YSL: "Violine" Surrealiste"

"Rose and Bitte"  By Bridget Sandals

4. Pair with pink fuchsia sandals
This luxe lacquer reads as neutral but has a shimmer and a texture anyone would just love! Try Marc Jacobs "Petra"
RGB "Toast"
 "Rose" By Bridget Sandals

Pedi Violation 
  • Glitter: However tempting can be a bit on the juvenile side and not classy or chic
  • Pale yellows and off whites make your nails look stained and a definite NO! NO!

Bearing it all: Going Nude

It can be a ballsy move skipping lacquer but here are some tips on how to prep, prime and polish.

1. Scrub: before showering use a pumice stone of stainless steel foot file to get the skin smooth. Remove the calluses and excess skin. Use a good file because some tend to leave the skin on your foot feeling rough and uneven.

2. Buff: 
Buffing your nails makes nails look cleaner, use the coarse side to even out and the smooth side to enhance shine and polish

3. Moisturize: 
Use cuticle oil over each nail and then body oil or lotion over the feet. This makes skin shinier than most foot creams.

Jet Set
Passport? check! I-pad? check! Mini mani pedi kit...ahmmmm??

Vacation Essentials

take these pedicure saving products in your suitcase
  1. Nail polish remover pads
  2. Tweezerman mini nail rescue kit
  3. Brush on cuticle oil
  4. Top coat
  5. Mini polishes

Both sun and sand can dull your pedicure, a fresh layer of top coat can keep this intact also you can rub a bit of oil to restore shine!

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