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The Coney Island Blogger Shoot (Part 3) 

Didn't I tell you to stay tuned! I know I've brought footage from this shoot, just last week, however here is Faith Bowman's full and complete article of Summer Must Have's featuring looks, products and images from the Coney Island Blogger shoot, where I was 1 of 4 Models/Bloggers!

Be sure to check out all of the other amazing Bloggers and their websites, not to mention you can read this article on as well! boom!
Happy summer!

It’s full on summer weather in NY, and when the sun’s out, get your guns out and go to Coney Island for beachy fun. I took 4 mega bloggers out to the famed beach and amusement park in Far Rockaway along with a suitcase full of swimsuits, accessories, sandals and clothing to work with. What happened? Fashion Pandemonium.

Sara Jesssica (SJ) Berman/FashInNY
As a teacher, SJ can’t be seen gallivanting around in a bikini, so we worked on grown-up looks for hot summer dates, workdays, and relaxation. Easy, no stress, but polished. Sort of Kate Middleton, but from New Jersey.
A breezy, silky dress from Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’s in cream and black with a smocked waist and pockets is perfect for a daytime professional look in the humid New York summer. Your pop of color? Parmana Design’s Dream Awake shoulder bag with black leather flap and brass leaf ornament. Just Fab Wrap Bracelet is from greenbeads by Emily and Ashley, square Felice sunglasses from Primadonna. Wedge sandals are from Wanted.
This malibu blue striped maxi dress from Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’s shows just enough skin to be flirty, but covers up anything scandalous. Iconic aviator
sunglasses from Primadonna. Bangles by Cara.
Evenings brng the tempreature down, and it’s the perfect time to bring out this silk/cotton tweed jacket and short set from S.IL.K. New York. The unexpected hit of crochet makes this a modern classic in summer dressing. Manor shell
crocheted top by Anna Kosturova, Roma cateye sunglasses by Primadonna.

Kinna LeBlanc/Closet Jane
Kinna’s retro-styling pays homage to pin-up girls like Dortothys' Dandridge and Lamour. A former professional model with roots in the Dominican
Republic , and born in Dominica, Kinna brings a saucy wit to everything she wears.
A 40s inspired floral two piece from Wet Swimwear (Mika topand Miranda bottom) says ‘Hello, Boys!’ without speaking a word. A sunny smile is your best accessory, but you could also add the Giverny painted floral straw hat by Primadonna, and say anchor’s aweigh with this D ockside beach bag from Life is Good. I love this company! They are a Boston-based lifestyle brand dedicated to spreading the power of optimism and helping kids in need. That’s pretty cool, right?
The same print is available in a sexy, plunging necklined one piece from Wet Swimwear called Salma, worn here with a flourescent shrug from H&M that Kinna had in her styling kit. Kinna warmed up her skin with a dose of St.
Tropez Gradual Self Tanning Moisturizer.
The ruffled Lucy one piece from WET Swimwear in an old fashioned floral accentuates Kinna’s waist with a self belt. The sweetheart neckline shows off decolletage without being overexposed. Kinna wears the vintage tusk ring
in burnished gold finish and tortoishell Roma sunglassesfrom Primadonna, and dark brown leather weavementsandals from Cat Footwear. With her own gold bangles, cowrie shell earrings and hot pink turban, Kinna’s look is both outrageously glam/cool and comfortable at the same time. Double win.

Aileen Olomeda/The Style Boro
Laid back and laconic, Aileen isn’t much for gussying up her beach style. It’s a low key, hipster look that’s easy forany girl to emulate.
Aileen wears the banded bottom tank from DaisyFuentes for Kohls in multicolored Aztec-inspired pattern. The peach Feeling Beachy Flower Dockside tote from Life is Good (Life is good donates 10% of its net profits to help kids in need through The Life is good Kids Foundationpicks up on the color scheme, and Hechizo’s boxtassel necklace with gold leather fringe adds a touch more pattern. Iconic aviator sunglasses from Primadonna, denim shorts are Aileen’s.
Aileen’s copious tresses tumble out of the Giverny painted floral beach hat from Primadonna. An crinkle crush infinity scarf in peach (Primadonna)works with the Desigual Color fringe leather crossbody, to keep a sunny glow in an
dark outfit. Her onyx and white smocked neck crinkletank top is from Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’siconic aviator sunglassesfrom Primadonna. Dark wash distressed denim shorts, Aileen’s own.

Alexa Curtis/A Life in the Fashion Lane
Like any teen, Alexa immediately asked to model the skimpiest of my samples. A blogger since age 12 (and the first subject in my NY Fashion Blogger’s Project) Alexa as appeared on Rachel Ray and Access Hollywood as a style expert, and is looking forward to inspiring other girls to embrace their imperfections with grace and equanimity. This is her first ever swimsuit shoot, and first ever time at Coney Island!
Alexa has a Baywatch moment in this bright orange souvenir windbreaker from New York Cares (I got it when I volunteered to organize a Staten Island
warehouse full of donations after Hurricane Sandy. She wears the Aztec Stripe string bikini from Anna Kosturova covered by the neon green Diamond crop top
from the same company. Pretty, crocheted Antoinette shortscover her bikini’d bottom. Tortoiseshell Roma sunglasses from Primadonna, peach and brown fringed Color csossbody from Desigual, brown leather weavement sandals from Cat Footwear. Hair has been sprayed with Sea Salt Spray texturizer from Fudge Urban before being swept into a relaxed side braid, with volume.
Here, the Anoinette short is dressed up with a belly chain. Under a white shirt, the Leila athletic top from Cami and Jaxglows with color which is accentuated by the peach crinkle crush infinity scarf from Primadonna. Using Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Styling Mousse from Fudge Urban, hair was brushed, coiled, and secured with a plain old hair elastic from Goody. Square framed Felice
sunglasses and belly chain (from this clutch) and burnished gold vintage tusk ring from Prmadonna. White shirt from Sassy Etnic Bohemian’s bag of tricks. Huge Palm Tree Dockside beach bag from Life is Good, whose products remind consumers how to enjoy life to the fullest: Do What You Like. Like What You Do.
Alexa’s purple-tipped locks were touched up with Fudge Urban's SeaSalt Texturizer for a tousled beachy look to go with her Lattice maillot from Ann Kosturova. This suit shows a lot of skin, so you can throw on the Punta Mita fringed andbeaded crocheted top for stylish coverage. The colors are bright and upbeat, especially on an overcast day. The top is cropped, but the long tassels give you coverage over the belly and are pretty waving in the wind. For this side braid look, I grabbed a a hank of hair with a little Iced Vanilla & Raspberry Styling Mousse from Fudge Urban smushed in for hold. Then I Simply braided the hair loosely, twirled it into a knot and tucked behind her ear. Easy. I used to do a lot of model ‘test’ shoots for portfolio building, so I know how to hairstyle in a pinch. Berry lipstain is Alexa’s own. Box tassel necklace by Hechizo.
Pattern mixing! I am not happy until there is an outfit that sounds like a disaster when you describe it, but looks amazing when you put it on. This is sort of a world traveling bohemian gypsy look. The Giverny floral painted straw hat from Primadonna over freeflowing beach hair (a few more sprtitzes of Sea Salt texturizer spray from Fudge Urban, and a quick brush before placing the hat), leads to a black and white sequinned tank – the back is elasticized dark denim!- fromS.I.L.K. New York used as a casual coverup. On the bottom? My fave Desigual Manu bikini bottoms in psychedelic, swirling print. P rimadonna’s vintage tusk ring and Hechizo’s double tassel lariat necklace lends authenticity to this casual boho look. The lariat is loosely tied, and the metallic leather in heather pink and bronze look right at home against the black and white sequins. The Khamra clasp necklace adds a tiny touch more print, because… why not? I love love love this necklace, and will be rocking it all summer. it’s
a definite must have with tanks, swimsuits and dresses.
On her feet? The Cat Footwear weavement sandal, which I am passionate about. These sandals are great for walks in the park, walking the boardwalk at Coney Island, running to the store, going on a date, and basically living your whole entire life. They’re stylish and add a touch of classic class to even the most mundane summer outfit. The summer must have sandals hat I reach for 5 days out of seven.
Next (and last) installment of Summer Must Haves? watch Sassy Ethnic Bohemian try on a box full of swimwear! Before I chose which suits would go on which bloggers, I tried them on myself. Next week, you’ll see one woman of average size at home in her bathroom posing like she’s a top model.
I do this so that you don’t have to. We’re in this together, people.
Stay tuned!

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