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CRAFT SESSIONS with the Closet Freak

Boyfriend Jeans x Painted Denim

What do you get when you pair up creativley stylish vintage lovers? Greatness!  That's what!

When Chante of The Closet Freaks and myself get together the weirdest and most stylish of fireworks happen; new taglines are formed, short films are produced and the rest becomes internet history. Yep, our dynamic becomes worthy for  tumblr searches!  (that's pretty awesome)

Chante--who is not only becoming my Soul Sistren but also an amazing partner in crime--and I put our heads together to put a twist on our boyfriend jeans.

After seeing Ms. Chante, herself, rocking an awesome pair of customized boyfriend jeans, as well as a cool pair of painted denims worn by my darling, Erika Nunez, the inspiration peeked and I just had to create some of my own! 

I enlisted Chante to be the Laborer of Distressed Denim while I splattered acrylics away. What started out as fun craft session quickly turned into A Meeting of the Minds.

Take a look at just a couple of our end results and be sure to check out another product of our meetup, soon!

Chante hard at work


All Photo Cred: Chante N. of The Closet Freaks

Be sure to check out another product of our Stylish Shenanigans soon 
Check back soon for full OOTD details!


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