50 Shades of Summer

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50 Shades of Summer

This summer, not only am I giving face but I'm serving up some shades of cool like Lana sang!
When the warm weather hits and the sunnies come out, we're not only protecting our eyes but styling or face completing the quintessential summer look. Sunglasses went from being a Hollywood Starlet staple to a now quintessential extension of our wardrobe; so enough squinting here are my top styles and picks for the vintage inspired sunglasses of the season. 

Tortoise Frame
Going back natural

Originally made with the actual Hawksbill Turtle shell this classic frame goes with every complexion and available in many different shades of brown and mustard. To add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your summer, went vegan in 1973 after the use of shells made the animals endangered, it's now made with synthetics and designed after its originator. Although a tad bit inauthentic the luxury style still maintains the beauty, strength and elegance of the original shells. This is a great neutral for every outfit and even for your optical everyday needs

Cat Eye 
Well hello Marylin!

The Glamorous ultimate feminine silhouette, for many, was introduced in the 1950's--by this Ms Marylin Monroe---and have come a long way from it's transitional black frames venturing into pops and colours and shades for this summer. 

Hail to the Hippies. 
A couple of decades later during the 1970's the rounded frame-style was born. With colorful lenses fitted into modest frames, this style sticks to it's traditional frame of black and brown however this season we introduce detail and texture. 
1. Illesteva ‘Milan ll’
2. 60s Collection Lennon Style
3. Le Specs ‘Hey Macarena’

The Airborne Investment
The Handsome Hughes

This style has stood the test of time over an over; beginning with volant greats like aviation film Director Howard Hughes and pilot Amelia Earhart who introduced the regality of their needed accessory to the rest of the public. Today, quite the chameleon, Aviators have gone from sporty fly high optical lenses to fashion forward over-sized incognito styles 

Make one or go home

In the late 1950's and 60's women of power were the style icons of this period. There was Jackie Kennedy, Verushka, Nina Simone, a host of other as well as A-list men wearing non gender specific lenses like The Wayfarers (introduced by RayBan). Modern styles are reminiscent of this retro shape paying homage to the specs with additions of neons, prints and a variety of colours for us all to enjoy. 
Audrey Hepburn
Jackie Kennedy
John F. Kennedy

Phil Spector

 2014 Twist 

Tortoise Frame


The Aviator

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