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Fall Wish-list

On Spotlight: Quilted Leather

I'm already thinking of my looks and image for fall since I ran across a pair of quilted thigh high boots--equipped with Knee pads!---that just called out to me. They were so original that I immediately felt like QUILTED LEATHER will be right up my alley for Fall 2014.

This trend was actually re-introduced in Fall 2013, however since I don't follow industry trends, I probably didn't even notice. Quilted leather ads an extra edge to your leather pieces, I would love to keep it traditional and find a vintage quilted side bag like the iconic purse by Chanel, as well as a new pair of thigh high quilted leather boots. GOAL!

I'll let you know if/when that happens in the mean time, check out signature quilted leather pieces.

Style details from photo above

Brian Atwood “Ares” Quilted Knee-High Boots (Saks)
Kate Spade “Metro” Quilted Leather Watch (Macys)“Naomi” Quilted Skirt (Nasty Gal)Structured Sleeve Leather Jacket (ASOS)Wyatt Red Quilted Leather Circular Crossbody Bag (Bluefly)



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