And Away We Go....

10:00 AM

It's that time of year again ladies and gents, we should thank our omnipotent power for blessing us with clear blue skies and warm air for the next 8 days that are mapped out for all you stylista's to prance around the city with. No matter how many times we've all done this it can be an excitedly daunting and tiresome tasks just getting your RSVP's and calendar-of-events together. Don't worry the Jane Dolls will combine our favorite looks, runway reviews, beauty regimens to watch and event recaps all week long.

Lay out your most edgy looks, charge up your camera, pick a street style pose and prepare to feel as overwhelmed as 40 shows under a tent, as a barely there model running from Go-see to casting, as an executive assistant to the gay male designer, as...well you get it

Stay tuned.
and awaaay we go...

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