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Classic Trends to Watch
Time to Revive You for Fall 2014! 

Fall has just begun and here's a quick  guide to keep you on trend! If your trendy and fashion forward, this is a must read. I've researched and reviewed all of the classic trends that are making a return for fall 2014. So let's get to it! (Thank me, for jogging your memory, later ;)

Lovely pastels is one of falls hottest trends and here's a little advice for this trend, think about your makeup. I would suggest a neutral look or a bold lip to enhance your  pastel ensemble. Take a que from our Beauty Jane, Akilah on all the Beauty How-To's.

This look will make you stand out, it's a statement piece. Dress your oversized sweater for your taste and keep in mind your day ahead of you (school, work, play). You can do skinny jeans or slouchy pants which are also on trend as well.

The next trend is not quiet an ensemble but more of an attitude; An attitude that is conveyed through whatever you decided to wear.

Our editor in chief rocks this look quite effortlessly,  Ms. Kinna has this trend on lock, whether it's with her vintage, classic or modern bohemian looks. From vibrant hues and folksy patterns, this look and attitude isn't just any of the birds, hunny; but the Peacocks, rather! Be free and be you with this trend, lifestyle and attitude. It can also include bead work, florals, patchwork and patch works. Check out this look by designers Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Taylor.

I like to consider "minimalist" as a fancy way of saying " tone it down", that's what I call it. I really support this look and I think some people should try it. Go from being viewed as a clown to being chic and elegant. With just 2-3 colors in your wardrobe palette this can be for the [already] modern and simple woman or if you would just like a subtle transition from your busy summer wardrobe to the coolness of Autumn. Such designers like Hugo boss, and Narisco  Rodriquez offer simple and chic trends at affordable prices. Can you say "Flawless"?!

Ms. LeBlanc touched on this before back in spring and the classiness of mid-length skirts and dresses aren't going anywhere. From red carpets to street style this trend can be seen can be seen everywhere. It can also be dressed up and dressed down, so take a que from some It Girls like Rihanna, the Jenner sisters and more to achieve the look!

Ladies lets step our fur game up, whether faux or real, fur is in this season. I couldn't be more excited because your fur is an expression of your inner "fierce". Let's all tap into our inner fierce this season. Popular designers like J-Mendel and DKNY showcased this on their fall 2014 runway. If your bold go for a pink, patchwork or winter floral fur.

If your like me you have quite a bit of sportswear in your wardrobe. You can be cool and casual this season with oversized button down shirts, boyfriend jeans, leathers, bombers and flight jackets. Pair with sleek hair and pop of color. Hey, take a page out of any Baby Phat runway show for guidance or go for a 90s female MC look if your really into it!

The traditional feminine staple of being flirty and glamed-up will always be around. This season the favorite style tip of Tim Gunn has upgraded from the traditional blacks and navy to reds and pinks for fall. So get sexy and embrace your femininity with silhouettes. Escada, DKNY and Prabal can give you some inspiration for your looks.

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