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Look By LeBlanc
Flowers and "Tim-ba-lands"
Let's be clear, I truly AM NOT one of the Stylistas who often navigate through NYC with heels on 24-7 (it's just not realistic) I mean, c'mon, I ride the train! 
With that said I opt'd  for a dusty pair of Tims earlier this week, and worked around it with the trending Pastel Palette for the fall, as the leaves fall New Yorkers tend to only break out their best black! (I'm guilty as well) so while I transition out of that frame of mind, Here's the look...

LOOK By LeBlanc

Coat: Vintage 1950's swing coat
Shirt: Denim Button Down
Sweatshirt: White w/ Grey pattern. Zara
Jeans: Floral Patterned skinny jeans
Accessories: Lady Brooch, Vintage black side bag and bubble pearls chunky necklace


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