BEAUTY: Tyra Beauty

2:49 PM

Now Everyone Can Smize 

Tyra Banks has launched Tyra Beauty and has promised this isn't just a makeup line but an experience. Well with already popular items like, mascara:  "Smack your Fat Lash" and lip color: " suede and juicy " this proves to be entertaining just like it's creator!
The line is packed with lipsticks,eyeliner and correctors. Also blushes, mascaras and eye-shadows, ranging from $24-$32. Not necessarily breaking theBank--no pun intended---just everything you need to get your Ty-over. 

 n: (t'i- ov-`er): A transformative makeover .. Tyra Style..

 You can also sign up to be a Beautytainer (Independent Consultant) and sell products to your friends (ahmmm hello did someone say Avon and Amway!)

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