Holiday Hair Glitz

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Sparkle At Your Next Holiday Party
Creative Holiday Hair Accessories for Big Girls!
Inspired by Essence Magazine December 2014 Issue
With DIY Inspiration

It's fun being a girl and no mater what the age is, every girl should feel pretty after placing a fun, creative hair accessory on to her crown. Only this time, less is way more and you can never go wrong with a single statement piece!

Head Bands
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Channel your inner 70's diva by bringing your headband down a few inches (traditionally worn on top the head) creating faux bangs  or if you just feel the need to be a holiday disco queen for the night (shorter hair)

Ribbon Pony 
Give the signature "hair bow" a twist by telling a tall tail with your pony and sparkly ribbons. 
DIY INSPO: Get creative by using different colored (red, green, gold,) ribbons, sequins, crystals or even pearls to create your own DIY holiday effect, as seen below:

Textured Turban
Transform a bad hair day with a sleek and traditional hair accessory like a velvet turban, to conceal while staying glamorous and classic.

Pin Me!
When adding pins and decorative clips to your hair, there's actually  no right or wrong way. Simply swoop and clip or decorate your crown with abstract pins and placements.

Filigree Clip, Anthropologie
Viola Pearl Barrette, Anthropologie

Whats YOUR favorite Hair Accessory for the Holidays?!

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