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WAX on WAX off

The Fundamentals of Waxing

Cleanliness is next to Godliness 
Make sure wherever  you are getting your devices done is a clean friendly and safe environment. Don't compromise this because your health and safety is ultimately importance 

Numbing Cream NO NO 
Numbing Creams are just a waste of money, I rather take that money and treat myself to a FroYo after I leave the salon and enduring the pain. These products offer minimal relief and your still gonna feel the pain unless your being put under local anesthetic! So just suck it up the pain will be over soon. 

No Razors 
The purpose is waxing is to get the hair out at the root , giving you silky smooth results all at the same time. Shaving takes hair off from the surface and this compromises the longevity of your smoothness with that unwanted stubble. 

Timing is Everything
Routine makes for perfection: And every 3-4weeks would be an ideal time for your routine hair removal. It causes minimal pain but there has been an unspoken truth that waxing right before your menstrual cycle will be a bit painful , however, the only thing more painful is not waxing on time and having excess hair to remove. Ouch!

We Prefer: Hard rather than Soft 
There are two types of wax: Soft wax, which is more common; it's the kind that's ripped off using stops of meslin (brown cotton). Then there's Hard wax that goes on,
hardens and  is then removed without using paper. Some beauticians say hard wax is the best of the two. You be the judge!

Brow Basics 
Every two weeks for your eyebrows helps to maintain your perfect shape. Especially since this full brow movement doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. Over plucking hairs risk the chance of, actually, never growing back. So if your looking for fuller brows waxing is your best bet. 

The plus side of waxing thinner softer hairs also makes it harder to break through the surface causing ingrown hairs. I personally love Bliss, It's really works. However, most products on the market contain alcohol which has drying effects that can further irritate the pores. 

My beautician suggests exfoliating product that are cream based or scrubs. They clean and moisturizer while eliminating the dead surface cells that block the surface hairs.
(This is an important step ESPECIALLY for our lady parts)  removing dead skin cells are very important but try not to over exfoliate, you still need your baby soft skin. Keep a b-iweekly routine just as you would with your face 

This is a decision you will never regret! since underneath your arms become a breeding ground that traps hair, sweat, lint and odor. Waxing regularly in this area is the most effective because it's thinner hair and the results are visibly faster than anywhere else. Within a few treatments you will have thinner underarm hair. Shout!

Stay Faithful 
You gotta stay faithful and committed to your waxing regiments. Don't ever cheat with razors, over tweezing  and missing appointment because this only affects your overall goals of reduced hair growth and long lasting smoothness. 

Be open an Honest. 
Explain to your beautician what Your overall goals and wants are so everyone is satisfied and happy

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