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Holiday Decor for the Single Girl
with Vintage Trimmings

Little to No Budget? Just you, your style aesthetic and your dog?! well, put your Martha Stewart Living hat on this season and get inspired; dust off the fixtures you already own and get creative!

Re-using things in a new way can add inspiration to any home, room or even office cubicle. I love DIY projects and turning an old space into a new space or even finding alternate ways to finally use things that are just taking up space!

With a life constantly filled with transitions and hectic schedules sometimes the family tradition of holiday home decorating is all the way at the bottom of your to-do list. If you're a professional 30-something then most of your precious time is actually spent in bars, a friends event or figuring out how to spend your 1 day off next weekend.

You can still keep your family tradition alive, while alone and even putting a twist on it. Here's a trendy way I turned my small space, vintage furniture and collectibles into holiday home focal should try it too. SHARE your images with @Seejanestyle on IG or Twitter @Closetjane using the hashtags #SingleGirlsHolidayHome and #VintageTrimmings for a chance to win a beauty pack curated by our very own #BeautyJane, Akilah @MakingMakeUpMagic [IG]


Following holiday traditions are very comforting and when you grow older the holidays always can take on a different meaning for you. if that's the case, don't be afraid to switch it up by breaking the traditions by going with whats new, trendy and different. Here I went with a smaller and pnk-er tree. I call it The Single Girls Tree. 

Personalized "Kinna" and Disco Ball Ornaments courtesy of the good friends who's doing good work at GPMS

Having personalized ornaments and specialty decorations, that only you can identify with, is always fun and cool! Put it on front street by having them hang in signature spots around your tree.

There really is no right or wrong way to use Tinsel, you can simple throw it everywhere adding sparkle to your space. Here, I gave my Bamboo plant a little face lift, by doll'ing here up with gold Tinsel (did not photograph well, looks way better in person)

You know those girly baskets you kinda have laying around? stuffed with hair products, broken jewelry, and make-up?? Well throw some of that crap away and re-use the basket for any and everything from gift boxes or to ornaments to letters to Santa

Vintage Furniture already adds a special tone to your living space, highlight the pieces that are already making a statement by rearranging their placement. I took 1 of my favorite trunk suitcases and used it as a center table (it even still has stored contents inside. Ancient Chinese sequins!) 

The smallest detail makes for the biggest effect, sometimes guests won't even know what that comforting feeling is when they walk in to the room. They'll just know that "everything works"...wait, what's that called again? Feng Shui or something?? 

Details add balance and balance equal happiness.

Here, I used small vintage accents like this candelabra, holiday cookbook, empty bottles with decorative twigs, festive sock/stocking stuffer, and vintage candy dish filled with gold ornaments (candy optional).


If there is a special man in your life, get him in on the action too. Head on over to your favorite pet store and grab some jingle balls for your pup. Here's Pinky aka Mansa Musa in all of his Santa Baby! glory



Share images of your small or vintage DIY Holiday space with @Seejanestyle on IG or Twitter @Closetjane using the hashtags: 
#SingleGirlsHolidayHome and #VintageTrimmings for a chance to win a beauty pack curated by our very own #BeautyJane, Akilah @MakingMakeUpMagic [IG]

JOY to the World


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