Cuticle Candy: OOTD x Nail Art

11:30 AM

Blizzard x Nail Art
Ice Princess

What else can you really get in to when your city has declared an unofficial "shut down" and an 11pm curfew - I haven't a curfew that early since I was 16 - I guess you have to stay busy and do your nails or something, right. Then go outside in the middle of the blizzard to take a themed photo!
I mean, right AFTER I did my nails there were a couple of accidents on each hand - but that didn't stop the photo. It was a race between "Cupcakes x Diamonds" or "Ice Princess"....The latter was obviously more fitting for the weather and below, I tried to keep the momentum going from baby finger to pinkey toe. Pictured, you'll catch a glimpse of my DIY customized Timberland Boots. Stay tuned on the details for that!

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