JANE MONDAY'S: My Favorite Things: for Spring 2015

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Ms. LeBlanc's Favorite Things
For Spring!

2015 started with a revamp of my closet; and since it was beginning to spill out on to the floor I decided to host a trunk shop and spread my personal style throughout Brooklyn!
Knowing me, I'll just re-fill all of the new-found space with new items for spring and I happen to have my style eye on a few key pieces.

Take a look and my Favorite Things: For Spring!

Red Flats
Can't wait to Jazz up my jeans with a POP of Color - - this year, I go back to...RED!
The impeccable Miroslava Duma

No Fuss Nails
Having a weekly Cuticle Candy-TM party is only possible with Nail Wraps! I really want to try anything produced by NCLA

Geometric Sunnies 
A look becomes complete with minor details.

It's weird - when I was 17ish I only wanted to wear silk shirts, now over 30, I just want to wear sweat-shirts!

I'm A TALL...hello!
Cara Delevingne and Jourdun Dunn in Stella McCartney 2015

Prints (Black and White) 
My Color-full stage is simply on the back burner. Since I living a dual life, I may as well tap in to the yin and yang for a bit of balance.

Black & White prints at London Fashion Week
Holly Fulton, Jean-Pierre Braganza, KTZ & Issa.

Can't wait to see your spring favorites this season!


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