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GOD: Kanye West
The Great Innovator

In 2006 while watching the original TRL [of Brooklyn]- Video Music Box - the deep voice-over of DJ Ralph McDaniels came on announcing the newest member of Roc-A-Fella Records, Kanye West. It was the first time I ever heard the name in hip-hop and a long time since i've actually heard anyone else with it (the first was a boy in Middle School)

I was immediately intrigued with the artistic style of the music video, a bulletin board of moving images over the funk queen [Chaka Khan's] voice and the following month, without any further info I walked into Virgin Mega store and "got that guy, Kanye Wests' new album" I didn't know what to expect, I just knew I liked him.

That same year, I began interning at Complex Magazine, while Kanye West was a guest writer  and although I never got a chance to meet him, a long lasting "friend in my head" had been created. I almost knew he was an artistic genius -- even before the proclamations--and I payed close attention.

Almost 10 years later, Kanye has never let us down artistically (well, maybe with 808's and Heartbreaks) and has continued to challenge our current way of thinking (c'mon you gotta admit that). But while the noise of his public behaviors begin to die down and after watching someone ELSE honor this genius for a change, It inspired me. I try not to loose sight of what it truly means to be put on this earth and live out your fullest potential. I found a few jewels within the BET Honors highlight video, Damon Dash's speech as well as Kanye's and thought to share.

Hope it inspires you to be the genius you are and live out your fullest potential!

Dame Dash [Unedited] Honors Kanye West Speech

Kanye West

 [Unedited] Honors Speech


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