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its Fur Season
As a young girl, I was brainwashed into believing that those behind the fashion industry care nothing about fluffy animals after watching weird commercials of sad puppy dogs, lions, tigers and bears. Leave it to Amerikkka to leave a lasting guilty impression on someone, huh.

But with age comes knowledge and the use of GOOGLE; after realizing that -- like kiddie porn -- animal snuff films do exist, then I also remembered that the oldest form of outerwear known to man has been ANIMAL SKIN. Yes ladies and gentlemen even YOUR ancestors killed a boar, fox, mink, deer, chinchilla or two in order to survive.

PETA, I Dare you! 

With that said and shame to the side, I love dressing up, and down, in my Vintage fox fur. A coat that I received by accident yet owned since I was 18 years old.

This coat is a super star in her own right, attracting attention everywhere she goes.
Foxxy comes with a removable collar and alternate sleeves!


VINTAGE Fox Fur coat
 BORDELLO Cardigan by Lafayette 148
BLACK Detailed leggings
METALLIC oxfords Rouge
DETAILED Black booties by Just FabVINTAGE Armour truck money bag


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