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Look By LeBlanc
Comfort inspired by Chanel

As you know every Fashion week in NYC, I tend to work various shows and events as a dresser and logistical/production assistant. Of course there are perks that come along with that --like simply being back stage, getting first dibs on goodies or rubbing shoulders with fashions elite.
However when your'e working during this time of year, there is one dress code: ALL BLACK; and at some point one must figure out how to comfortably fulfill work obligations then transition into a stylista!

MY FORMULA: Large Tote Bag (easy access), Statement Blazer (focal point), Leggings (Comfort) and Booties (self explanatory)
After my duties at the Yigel Azourel show -- where I had to wear a white company tee, over black long sleeve -- I threw my terry cloth and zipper detail blazer on and strutted over to NOLCHA Fashion Week 

Could you tell I had been working?

What Uniform??

ORANGE terry cloth blazer [inspired by Chanel]
BLACK Detailed leggings
BLACK boots with gold buckle and heel detail by Just Fab
VINTAGE Armour truck money bag

Ms. LeBlanc
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