SUNDAYS BEST: The Androgynous Girl

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Sundays Best
AzMarie Livingston aka "Chicken"

While market researching for images to direct a new photo shoot, I stumbled upon a beautiful face that I've seen before. You may remember her as a 2012 contestant on America's Next Top Model: British Invasion, just a few years ago, or seen her striking face in the background of your favorite music videos or reality show, or more recently, on the red carpet with long time best friend and partner Raven-Symone. 

The androgynous and alternative beauty, known as AzMarie [Livingston], circulated the international high fashion world with breath taking photos, a bald head and an edgyness that you simple cannot look past and I'm not sure what may have happend --because before we realized it, we began talking about another boyish beauty named Cara [Delevingne] eh -- and at some point we just didn't see much of her anymore.

Well, Fast forward to January 2015, channel 5 on Wednesday nights at 8pm. Yes, the hit show Empire, the best thing in Black TV since In Living Color, Martin, NY Undercover, Living Single and Girlfriends. Can you think of Hakeem's DJThat's right, AzMarie has transitioned from the pages of high fashion international mags to an acting career...and what better way to do it than to be on a hit show and finally sharing who you are with the rest of world. I love those that are different and un-afraid to break the mold with their differences. I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see where her budding career goes next!! Not to mention the back story this beauty actually does carry (with Hollywood ties since very young)

Check her out!

ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME: AzMarie and Raven as Children!

FREE AT LAST: AzMarie and Raven finally hit the carpet together at the Empire premier 

DID YOU KNOW That Raven-Symone has also been friends with fellow actor Jussie Smollete (Brother of Journey and proud member of the LGBT community) for many, many years. The 2 even dating briefly and shared a rumor of having a daughter together. Raven allegedly kept this daughter "under wraps for some time" , giving birth in Atlanta, GA and naming her Lilianna Pearman. hmm, talk about inspiration for a show, huh?!


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