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Vintage Fashion Week Jewel
Dior's Front Row in Paris, circa 1955. Marie-Louise Bousquet (center, applauding) Editor of Paris Harper's Bazaar sits next to Carmel Snow Editor of American Harper's Bazaar. American Vogue's Art director peers on from the 2nd row.

what the ever-budding New York Fashion Week was like before the front row was filled with fashion Bloggers, style interns and young Celebrities? Well, for starters  it was called "Press Week" before it was called fashion week, those prized seats were reserved for fashion editors and while Anna Wintour was still working at her fathers publication, there was Eleanor Lambert, a prominent international fashion heavy hitter and publicist who, in 1943, designed Press Week in an effort to keep up in the fashion race, already won by the likes of Paris.

One would never see such personalities as Kanye West and and Asap Rocky sitting front row in the 40's, but some things never change; like today, there was always a bevy of Hollywood starlets and local rich kids - better known as socialites - such as Marlene Deitrech, Carmel Snow (legendary Editor of Harpars Bazaar) and  pop artist, Andy Warhol. In 1994 the CFDA formed fashion week sponsored by Mercedes Benz and debuting at Bryant Park in New York City before moving to Lincoln Center in the mid-2000's

The ever stylish Carmel, picture here, 1940 wearing here signature blonde curls and mixed prints - sequined detailed sweater and over-sized leopard print clutch. 
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