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"We believe that freedom comes in our ability to produce food, clothing, and shelter for ourselves. There is a generation of creative, free-thinking, luminaries already doing the work to move freedom from romantic struggle to fact of life."

In addition to Spring, friday marked the launch of the Food, Clothing, Shelter collective, the building block for unity, family and freedom. An organization of brotherhood and sisterhood and a hub of creativity. I was very honored to be considered a pillar and future member of said community and it was a privilege being in the presence of other young, black innovators and cultured creators. This dinner party and launch was curated by one of my very own big sister, Zoe Vickers of Why Zoe Creative and Agent VII and Creative professional,
The well-known vintage Brooklyn Loft known as, A Noble Savage acted as our Shelter for the evening (thanks Ali!) and we enjoyed a 5 course cuisine, signature cocktails while sharing stories of what inspires us and further building on the reality that we are in fact, the generation of "free-thinking luminaries". Pretty Inspiring! It was wonderful sharing similar views with like-minded young adults and even more important it was refreshing to see the change actually begin.

It doesn't stop here, the Food, Clothing, Shelter collective will begin to spread this knowledge and grow its community, throughout the rest of the year, hosting collective dinner parties in various cities around the nation. Images from each event will also be compiled for a published coffee table book. In the mean time please join the community, start the conversation and evoke change for your community by following on Instagram @FdClthngShltr

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BTS camera phone image credit: @klowd9cochrane

Dine with Lady: preparations by Lady Day 
IG: @Lostlyric

Culinary x Creative Artist: Lade'
IG: @MrYearn

THE SHELTER: A Noble Savage

Bags x Bags x Bags

THE CLOTHING: Creatives Curators x a Collective

Top Pieces

Jewelry Designer Shayla Cox-Milan and Curator, Ali

A Madd Fox: Modern Vintage Maven, Monteka Maddox

Zoe Vickers of Why Zoe Creative and Ms Maddox
Culinary Artist Rey Gibson

with Nigeria Beauty Folasade
IG: @LoveFola

Creative Professional +Lougè Delcy
IG @DapperLou 

LOOK By LeBlanc

Shirt: Male Button down by H&M
Jeans: Vintage High waist by Lee Jeans
Coat: Vintage and Faux Fur Dinner coat
Shoes: Black pumps by H&M


Ms. LeBlanc
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Kinna LeBlanc is an unconventional Artist and Vintage Curatist 
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