Trend To Watch: Fall 2015

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Milan Fashion Week
Trend to Watch: High fashion Headphones

MFW Fall 2015 Beats at Runway

I normally do not highlight runway trends, unless I love them. But in 2014 Beats By Dre brought out even more colors and sizes, adding additional products and even membership cards. Since then we've seen multiple brands and other celebrity personalities debut their own stylish headphones that there's an influx of options to choose from. There's something for  everyone: girlie girls, grungy guys, dog lovers and even blissful babies. 

Last week at Milan fashion week the ante was up'd when Dolce and Gabbana introduced fashion headphones customized for their Ready to Wear Fall 2015 collection. I actually really like this style and predict that we will see a lot of department store versions of this accessor, not to mention craft season.  I can imagine what type of price tag a regal crown-like, jewel encrusted headphone like these, can have on it.  Get your glue guns ready girls!


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