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There are many changes coming to the public for Fashion Week in NYC. New Venues, creative presentations a fashion week split in half. And last week many saw the first of many changes as CFDA debuted an inaugural season of New York Fashion Week with the Menswear edition....

My Time at New York Fashion Week Mens

The energy was so great around the city as the NYFWM was housed on the West Side of Manhattan between Two Platforms (former piers) at the Skylight Clarkson event space (one of the many new features in the city) another historic industrial building turned into a chic staple in the city (it happens to be right next door to the...ahem...New York Department of Sanitation. Gotta love NYC!)

Those platforms  (Platform 1 and Platform 2) showcased over 50 shows for Spring/Summer 16 and it was great.

I received a last minute email only 48 hours before and with a twist of my schedule I jumped on the offer---I've been working NYFW for almost 8 years now in a every capacity of [model] production i.e. dressing, styling, volunteering, operations and logistics--I think I truly LOVE the MALE Beauty department and It's just easier and the perks of the job are way more rewarding than dressing a female model. I mean, really she's not going to allow me to feel on her thigh, stomach OR chest, while I am applying nail-polish!

This season I worked with the awesome Cinnamon Browser, CEO of Nail Taxi [For ZOYA Nail Polish] the model luxury nail service, where the #1 client IS New York Fashion Week.

Cinnamon booked only 2 jobs this season and I happened to be at Both: Michael Bastian and Greg Lauren. I can say these two shows WERE THE BEST and not because they were the only I happen to witness, but no because they were the BEST!

Bastian's S/S 16 show offered his signature Uptown NYC Prep but this time there was a Southern California twist with darker hues. We used the new NAKED Collection by ZOYA Polish in "Buff" for the males creating a natural and clean finish. Since the show marked Bastian's entry into women's wear, we used "Ginessa" a sparkling white summer shade for the seven [top] female models featured in his presentation,  like Candace, Fatima and Jaunel Mckenzie! Bastian was also advised by the legendary Bethann Hardison, who hung out with us backstage directing and coaching alot of the boys. Mrs. Hardison stayed at the Platforms 1&2 all afternoon taking in both shows with her granddaughter!
BTS shenanigans!

Moisturizing Walter Savages....big ole...HANDS!

Carly hard at work


Greg Lauren is known for many things: a world renowned Painter, the Nephew of American designer Ralph Lauren, "Brett Neilson" from The Young and The Restless, The husband  of "Jessie" aka "Nomi" aka Elizabeth Berkely-Lauren, and now the KING of distressed fashion. This true artist did not disappoint in his first ever menswear show. Greg--who was such a lovely man---spent time with us backstage and explained his "Noah's Ark" theme of real men. Inspired by Classic Male Icons throughout history, each piece was distressed in true Lauren form but featured a sense of traditional style; tattered linens, old duffel bags and roomy denim. It was grungy, it was dirty, it was chic, it was ALPHA MALE!

People could actually not stop talking about this show....all week. I watched Amare Staudemare's face throughout most of the runway presentation and I can say that HE thoroughly enjoyed it!

I got the opportunity to work and manicure some of fashions top male models like Phil Silverman (ANTM Cycle 20), Walter Savage, my fashion week buddy Parker Gregory, and more. It was a great time and I look forward to doing it again! 

Hey Parker Hey!

Funny faces with Juan Batencourt!

Top Shotta, Brandon Bailey

See you in September!


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