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Vampire Music Video
Satchel Jones has managed to create quite the buzz on the indie music scene as Singer/Song-writer and front man of Satchel Jones and the Flavor Makers. Once he reached out to Juan Loney of Thousand Mile Journey, myself and my partner Chante, of Closet Luxe NYC, were contacted for wardrobe direction on set of Vampire music video.


It was Fashion Week in New York City and on Monday September 14th, a small crew of 7 gathered on location starting on the sands of Far Rockaway Beach for the opening scenes of the video. Chante, myself and make-up artist Peter Borbely, created white and linen looks for a "dream" scene of a lost love. 
Judy with  MUA Peter Borbely

The actors Ryan and Judy wears curated vintage pieces by Closet Luxe NYC.
Judy wears: maxi Goddess dress with detailed bodice, Gold bangles

Ryan wears: linen drawstring pants, white button down shirt, aviator shades and wooden beads

SCENE 2- in DA Basement 

Off to a dusty basement in Brooklyn for scene number 2. After a quick lunch break and some down time -- for the main actors--- it was call time for Comedian and TV personality Giulio Gallarotti aka "Lil Young Big" . Big portrayed a demented personality for the video and we created an insane look by building a straight jacket, he pulled it off lovely and the cobwebs in Juan's basement helped a great deal.


The first 2 scenes sound eventful until we ended, what seemed like, the longest day ever under the lights of Times Square.  As we waved goodbye's to Lil Young Big we loaded the production van and headed across the bridge to meet with the final 2 musicians, Chris and Ben. The final scene of a signing musician and his eccentric rapper friend was to be played by Indie Musician, Ben Lukas and Producer, Chris. 

By this time, our energy was low and anxiety was high. We became a little unorganized but while standing in Starbucks and figuring out the rest of the shot list there was a bit of gold shimmer dancing in the corner of my right eye...no it wasn't my thoughts oozing from my ears, but a man. A man calmly sipping coffee, surrounded by black dress bags, and submersed in a hooded shearling gold-sequined coat. Hello! I know a Stylist when I see one! 
Ben Lukas wearsRoyal Blue skinny suit, Black cowboy boots and Silver aviator shades

It was Jason Griffin, Celebrity Stylist! We made eye contact, acknowledged fabulosities and before I knew it another voice verbalized my thoughts "can we use your coat?!"
Chris wears: Gold Moschino Shearling coat Konquer NY  "Flatbush" Signature Skully and mirrored aviator shades

Turns out that Jason was taking a breather inside Starbucks after running around the city and the country with his client, Bryshere Gray aka Yazz the Greatest aka HAKEEM from Empire

Chris, films. Peter and Jason chat

Jason agreed to let us use his one-of-a-kind Moschino coat and since the coat did most of the talking, I simply put a "Flatbush" skully cap, by my dear friends over at Konquer NY. Jason was kind enough to hang out through the streets of Times Square with us for about an hour. And was very sweet and down to earth. it's like we were old friends. By this time my partner was gone and  it was 11pm at night. Peter and I had a blast picking Jason's brain, cracking jokes and exchanging stories and info. for any future assistance.

Overall we had a very successful day on set with the crew, actors musicians, meeting Jason and playing in wardrobe.  It was a very long day but I can't wait to see the finished project. I'll be sure to share that when I receive it and stay tuned for the wrap party at the end of the year, in the mean time check out some moments from the day!

Kinna LeBlanc directing Actress Judy

 Thousand Mile Journey: Director,  Juan Loney

CLOSET LUXE NYC: Meeting of the Minds

Actors Ryan and Judy

On Set Doodle by Kinna LeBlanc Creative

MUA Peter Borbely, Chante N., Kinna LeBlanc and Stephan of IllFlix.com


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