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On Saturday November 7th, 2015 It was my very first time experiencing "Buy The Bag" shopping, a thrifting event where you stuff as much as you can fit into a garbage bag for a fixed (very low) price. At Digging for Gems, hosted by Afroista, the fixed price was a small $25 with a second bag for only $20.

Shoppers gathered at the Housing Works-Gowanus Location in Brooklyn to dig for gems (as the tittle says) and raised awareness on keeping fashion sustainable, like the rest of us try to do daily. Proceeds from Housing Works also go to support HIV/AIDS efforst throughout the state of New York.  Afroista, better known as Tessa--a fellow thrifter, online vintage boutique owner and all around Brooklyn fly girl--and her team offered shoppers wine while shopping and raffled off couture vintage items throughout the night. My friends and I sipped, dug and won! Along with Brittany and Chante, I happened to win an iconic vintage checkered pattern skirt set and after two hours of digging and making friends, I  walked away with over 10 items of quality vintage and thrifted skirts, pants, shoes, blouses and coats for only $30! (Extra $5 for an overlaping coat.)
I'd definitely do this again because as an immigrant New Yorker, this type of shopping is actually NORMAL and you should try it! But be prepared to dig, sneeze and do laundry/dry cleaning/visit the tailor/or the cobbler...ALL DAT! when its all over. 
Brittany's Adrienne Vitadini Gem

A new laptop bag stuffed with linens and thangs!

My Beautiful Raffle Prize 
Neoprene Goodness!
I did get a lot more than what's pictured above, but we didn't get a chance to take photos of them all with all the hustling and bustling going on. But definitely check out Housing Works- Buy The Bag events this season, because one man's trash is another man's treasure.

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