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I know NYX Matte lip creams have been on the market for about a year now but they're still making their rounds to makeup bags, little by little, so I wanted to share a quick review after purchasing a couple more shades.

 You can't go wrong with the new NYX matte lip cream perfect palette for spring/summer. NYX never really disappoints with their products; they're known for bringing us the best highlighters and bronzers and you can quickly find whatever you need at your local mom & pop beauty shop! (Thats actually the best part, quality make-up without having to dent your pocket for the month)

I love the nude palette featuring a pop-of-color and each shade is just about perfect for medium brown to dark brown skin. Check out the 3 shades of matte lip creams that I'm currently wearing. I even purchased one butter gloss to try as well and included the names and style number so you can get your hands on them too (if you don't already have them all!)

Zurich SMLC14

I've been wearing Zurich since January, it's my go-to shade for a natural, simple and pretty look.

Cannes SMLC19

Very similar to the Zurich shade, Cannes is a tiny bit darker and rustic, I've recently switched over to Cannes and having fun.

Ibiza SMLC17

This shade is so fun and sexy. I think I'm gonna save this for a hot summer night!

Angel Food Cake BLG15

This shade took my back to 99' and MAC's Lip Glass or the 2000's Maybelline's Juicy Tube. Basically my YOUTHFUL- NO MAKE UP-PINK LIPGLOSS era. 
Check out the 'Around the Way Girl' smile!

 The lip creams glide on very easily, has a soft finish, dry's very quickly and are very lightweight. You almost forget you're even wearing a layer of anything on your mouth. You can also use age-old beauty secrets for long lasting effects like applying concealer to your inner lip or a lip balm before applying your matte cream, there is no "long lasting color" like some other brands.

Either way I'm so in love with these shades and remember, they're super affordable so you won't mind purchasing another tube. They're the perfect spiring/summer beauty accessory at the moment, so get your hands on all shades too. 

Share your thoughts and experience if you love NYX's new matte lip creams

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