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The season is changing and we're putting more of our winter wardrobe away. With department stores unveiling their Rose Quartz for you to trend over it's important to move those pieces from the "trendy" section, of your closet, and make it a staple.

I'm a vintage-nista who loves thrifting, I grew up in a big family where "wearing your sisters clothes from two years ago" was a normal thing for each generation. It taught me little tips and tricks on how to keep my best pieces looking and feeling brand new.

Taking the best care of your favorite pieces will keep them in your closet way longer than one trendy summer. I was recently introduced to Third Lovethe go-to boutique for the best fitting bras and underwear. We are sharing our tips and tricks on what to do in order to preserve some of your favorite wardrobe items. 

I've included a short list and an official #SaveYourStaples guide for protecting your wardrobe essentials. Check it out.

Find a Great Tailor and Cobbler
A great tailor and cobbler can often breath new life into ripped, torn and tattered items. As a Thrifter, sometimes you simply cannot walk past the silk Victorian gown steering right at you---with a large hole in the center--- a quality tailor can revive your wardrobes spirit while a cobbler will give you a brand new sole!

DIY: Blouses, Whites, Silks and Linens
Since a very young age, I've watched my Dominican mom hand-wash select items in our bathroom sink or bathtub. She would always say "I don't want the washing machine to eat this". You can never tell when your washing machine will go bizzerk, so p
rotect those delicate items by simply doing it yourself. Basic cleaning agents such as woolite, fabric softener, pine sol and good ole fashion bleach are essential for whites, silks and linens.

Vintage purses & shoes

If you are going to throw away your shoebox replace it with a Silk or Plastic Bag to protect your favorite soles from snags, tears and dust mites. If you are keeping your shoe box, keep all that stuffy-paper and the silica gel packs---which are used to retain water/moisture, we all know what water damage can do---investing in a shoe horn does the same trick as all that stuffy-paper too, it keeps the shape of your shoes

These are some of my go-to tips and tricks that I've used since forever. Share some of your tips and tricks during the #SaveYourStaples Campaign! Tell us your awesome preservation tips by Tweeting us @closetjane and @ThirdLove and take the pledge using the hashtag #SaveYourStaples!

You can also use our exclusive promo code: STAPLES for 15% off any purchase and save on great items all summer long. You'll have plenty of time for everyone to save and stock up on some great bras! .You're Welcome!

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