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"The moment you walk out of your local mom & pop beauty supply shop with The Mane Choice Products. Priceless"
If you are apart of the natural hair community then you're fully aware of The Mane Choice by Courtney Adeleye of Alabama. For those who are uninformed, here's a quick break down. 

About 4 years ago, black women and women of color nationwide began to support each other through social media, hair forums, blogs and youtube videos on their natural hair journey. Each woman had her own story, plight, nightmare and success. Some of those women made life long friends, became local celebrities and built empires all around the care of black hair.

Some of us found our favorite bloggers, regimens and products that worked for us and hair type; now fast forward to ME, I found my favorite blogger and regimen and her name was Courtney. Courtney showed her Youtube and Instagram followers her step-by-step at home regimens with videos and details on the at home ingredients and dietary supplements she used.

We watched her hair rapidly descend as if a fairy god mother simply waved a magic wand. About a year later Courtney let us in on another secret, her new business model: the combination of all her natural ingredients into a deep conditioner and multi-vitamin duo and like the story of the mustard seed, that small vitamin grew into more followers and more products. The Mane Choice became a huge success in a short amount of time, with celebrity endorsers and special perks for faithful customers.

Here we are 4 years later; about 6 months ago Courtney and her team made yet another milestone, ALL of the products are no longer exclusively sold on the brand website; but now major retailers such as Target, Rite-aide and Sally's carry the collection nationwide. I found my choices at my neighborhood beauty supply shop in East New York, BK--or  What I like to call the "BBBB Network"- Bengali Beauty Boys of Brooklyn.

The price points of each product are a little steep, ranging between $9.99-$16.99 between multi-vitamins and daily hair-dress cream but as The Mane Choice actually puts it, you should "invest in your hair". And I agree, the products smell so delish' and a little truly goes a long way.

I've only used the Multi-vitamin for about 2 years now and I'm always complemented on my "full, thick hair" (sorry, since I was never a natural hair journey blogger, I've never take "hair pictures"). I'm SO excited to see what else is in store for my mane this summer. 

Check out the on-going success story of The Mane Choice by visiting their instagram page and be sure to visit Courtney who officially started following me on IG, last week (aww...yaaay!) and who's still also a faithful Vlogger, giving us her daily step by steps and nightly routine-- I mean the girl is boss! a wife, a mommy, a new CEO and still has the time to be the flawless face of her own  brand while remaining faithful to her best friends...US!


Oh! and I just realized (when I got home to insert the images) that I wrote my article just days after Black Enterprise' . Check it out, Go Courtney!

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