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I'm pretty excited for Summer 16', I dunno, maybe Drake quotes have me excited the way Jay-Z's summertime quotes once did, but whatever it is I welcome summer with open arms. Summertime is not complete without some of your favorite items and those staple items you can't live without. Last week, Third Love and I shared how to #SaveYourStaples for a long lasting wardrobe, in addition with my staples i've grown to love a few things as well. Here are my top 10 Summer Must Haves in Style, Beauty and Concert/Festivals (in no particular order)

10. FREE.99/Outdoor Events
Growing up in NYC, passing up a great free event in the summertime is almost blasphemous, They're EVERYWHERE and happening throughout the day. Some of my favorite events include: Essence Block Party, Curl Fest, Target 1st Saturdays, Summer Stage just to name a few. I plan on going to as many as possible, again this season.

9. Matte Lip Creams by NYX
I am slowly collecting all of the NYX matte lip cream shades. They consist of muted hues that'll go perfectly with my brown skin as it changes from milk chocolate to dark chocolate later this year.
8. Cornrows/Corn braids/ Boxer Braids 
The freedom of having braided hair in the summer time, is a joy. You cut your prep-time in half and don't have to worry about severe sun damage to your hair. Its just a hassle free protective hairstyle that go with just about all your looks.

7. Maxi Dresses/Sun Dresses
Maxi Dresses are definitely a summer staple and must have. You can dress them up or down and they're perfect for every body type. Maxi Dresses range in hundreds of styles and colors so having a maxi dress (or 4 or 5) is definitely a must have this summer.

6. White Tees
I realized (just Sunday) that i purchase white tee-shirts by the tote load each year. It's a staple for me that's crisp, cool and chic not to mention, ideally the Little Black Dress of Summer!

5. BB Cream and  Highlighter
If you're a summertime-sweater like me, then you know that wearing make-up on a hot and humid day is next to impossible. You can still remain flawless at the garden party with BB Cream-tinted moisturizer and Highlighter, I never leave home without it an Summer 16' is no different!
Here are my go-to brands: Black Radiance and NYX

4. Backpacks
I'm really not in to "trends", I'm sure some fashion editor somewhere would tell me that the "Bucket Backpack is so last year"...Oh Well! it's gonna look good on me this year! Why?! because signature colors like Rose Quartz, White, Taupe and Lavender are great for Summer 16' they'll top off your look giving you an automatic "cool" factor and not to mention you'll keep your hands free for something else like....I dunno, maybe....ICE CREAM!

3. White Jeans
White jeans and pants are extremely luxe and nothing says summer like a fresh pair of white denim. I've always embraced my nautical side  and this summer season more white trousers are definitely on my radar.

2. Wedged Heels and Statement Sandals
What is a summer without the perfect footwear, wedges heels. They are perfect with just about every look and extremely comfortable for your BBQ-crashing. You can trade your wedges in for a pair of statement sandals. I plan on getting Funky with my flats this summer with textures, colors and accents  

1. Ankle Bracelet
I dunno, call it a 90's comeback if you will (but in my community of west indian women they never really went anywhere) I'm VERY familiar with this this area....and I'm happy to come back to it for the summer. It screams: CAREFREE and what's a summer without a free spirit!

Try out some of these Summer Must Have's this Holiday weekend and get ready for Summer. I'd also love to hear what some of your must haves are; Like <3, Comment! and Share+ your faves. I also had the chance to be a featured contributing blogger, so be sure to swing  on over to Chic Society Magazine and join their discussion on Summer Must Haves too. Thanks Miranda!

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