All Choked up

5:02 PM

I've been feeling really 90's girl power lately, and I'm very happy that the CHOKER TREND has made a comeback...

I mean, not that it went anywhere within the "cool girl conglomerates"and "downtown girl cliques" world-wide. I've just seen a resurgence of popularity with a new generation of girls and all types of girls. Yes, ALL girls--that includes you, too, Ms. Transfab).
In the past weeks I've been rocking a couple different styles including  my velvet choker adorn with a  "Melanin" charm by Melanin Be Poppin blog.  Be sure to order yours soon as they are limited (C'mon, channel your inner downtown girl!)

Here's a quick list of styles and quick places, in NYC, to pop into and grab one- under $20.00- ain't it fun being a girl?!

Top Shop - $15.00

Urban Outfitters $14.00

Ricky's $12-14.00

Asos- $8.99

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