I'm in Love with the CoCo

9:56 AM

The first day I touched down, I changed clothes and went to Dwever (Patwa word for "stroll")  with my younger cousins.  For some reason the transition from America had me feeling a bit in limbo. I was leaving behind all the turmoil recently experienced by the global black community and heading in to paradise with my family for 2 weeks.  hmmm. 
I didn't quite know how to feel in that moment. 

However I knew I wanted to show PAN AFRICAN SOLIDARITY somehow.

With 2 goddess conrows, I threw on a wife-beater tank top, vintage African print high waist shorts, along with my leopard t-strap sandals from Rainbow shopes and Dooney and Burke leather side bag. I completed by look with my Melanin charmed choker by Melanin Be Poppin

nothing crazy. But just right.


Ms. LeBlanc
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