The Kwaib Doll

10:27 AM

  Batakwaib is an Indigenous term in Dominica coined by the Indigenous Kalinago People (formerly Carib Indians or Island Caribs). And like, the Garafuna and Maroon  people throughout other Caribbean islands, this term describes the mixture of the indigenous people with West and Central Africans and Arawak people.  
Like a lot of people from the islands, with this rich history,  this is my genetic make-up as well.

I channeled a Kwaib doll in this vintage peach strapless dress and carried my hand wooven Kalinago fan. I belted the dress with a thin brown leather belt and  brown t-strap sandals while the Lavender Lillies acted as a great backdrop in a back alley near my grandmothers house!


Ms. LeBlanc
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