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For the past 2 weeks I’ve been on the nature Isle of Dominica, my home country. Most of my family and myself traveled abroad to pay respects to one of our most coveted members; a dear, sister, mother, daughter, aunt and wife, Laura Valentine-Panthier.

My lovely aunt was laid to rest on Thursday July 29, 2016. While it was a bittersweet week thus far, I’m so fortunate to have celebrated her life along with most of my family.

She was the first born of 14 children (Six brothers and six sisters). She was a mother of five, grandmother of four and great-grandmother of one. She was a small business owner and a calm to any storm. Laura Valentine was called home 3 mos. (and 1 day shy) after her 2nd daughter, Laurel, was called home from complications due to a cancerous tumor. Until the day we meet again, I have no doubt that she, her daughter and father are now together and watching over this family
Her home-going was surely a celebration for me as I made the best of every moment, the same with most of the family who attended such a last minute trip; we deemed it a mini-reunion.  I got a chance to visit my Uncle’s farm, learned of his new wine business, take a nature Island tour and just profile on the Island with my younger cousins, something we like to call “free-up”.

As the Nature Island of the caribbean, Dominica has an influx of activities, exotic plants and super foods Americans usually pay a unique price for or categorize as “luxury”: Almonds, mangos, avocados, star-fruit (Carambola), bananas, guavas, palm trees, sulfur spas, and more cover 90% of the island; Which is also still virtually and technologically un-tapped while staying morally in-tacked!

There isn’t much of a tourist-y resort vibe here as the country is not known to welcome or accommodate tourists that are interested in the Sandals Resort type treatment. It just doesn’t exist. If you are looking for the young college aged butler, donned in black and white, with 1 hand behind his back and the other fetching a tray…go somewhere else.

Plant Life of Dominica: (above) Torch Ginger Flower, Lavander Lilly's. (Below) Green and Yellow Lilly's

The LaVan normally acts as a barrier or partition throughout the Island. You can normally find these plants along the Highways and roads, fencing someone's yard or creating short pathways.

90% of this island and it's families still maintain a farming community/economy, has an outhouse or washes their clothing in one of the fresh water rivers. So yep! If you’re looking for some organic living, beauty and would love to experience the Nature Isle, take a look at some of the images I captured while on vaca.

After a work-out along Purple Turtle Beach
Portsmouth, Dominica

Waitikubuli =  Kalinago for "Tall is her body" 

 A visit to (my Uncle Francis) Valentine's Organic Farm 

Bathing in the sea, picking sea grapes, breaking coconuts, fetching mangoes


Stay tuned for more images of more sites from the last week including my casual looks and OOTD!

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