Sally Henson: 30 second Dries Instantly

11:29 AM

While upgrading my manicure I discovered my new favorite, must-have nail product.

When New York Fashion Week rolls into town I get the chance to make some extra money and moonlight as an editorial manicurist backstage. I get to prim and prep Model manicures before they hit the catwalk. There's so much fun that happens backstage with the lights, cameras and action and the best part is that i get to walk away with amazing products.
This season I worked for 2 major companies, Essie and Sally Henson and received a few new products from the Henson brand. My new favorite product is the Dries Instantly: 30 second top coat by Sally Henson which, unlike many other brands with the same title, does exactly what it says. 
I decided to spruce up my nude mani with a subtle ombre effect and was very surprised when my left pinkey finger was bone dry by the time i made it to my index finger!

Dries Instantly also offers a beautiful glossy shine similar to a gel like top coat. I fully recommend all my nail lovers to get their little fingers on a bottle of this stuff ASAP for only $4.99 at your local Pharmacy or beauty supply shop, its great for all the nail art OCD gals or the on-the- go ladies.

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